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What is an Autisarian?

An Autisarian is a person born with superhuman abilities due to the disorder known as autism. There are many of us around the world, some have found their ability, but sadly most have not. There's good and bad in autism, sometimes it's my worst enemy, but mostly my best friend. I was sent here from the Realm of Nevaeh to show the world that autism isn't a disorder. It's the evolution of the human race. My name is Kambel Smith, I am an Autisarian.

Missing for over an hour, Kambel Smith's pain from his battle with autism is captured when found.

My Beginnings

As far back as I can remember, I came to this world with a perfect understanding of my purpose, but that was taken away by people who didn't understand why I was here. For a while I fought back with silence, just to figure things out, but I got lost in their efforts to fix something that wasn't broken. After years of abuse, my silence turned to rage because I couldn't say the words – “There’s nothing wrong with me,” I couldn't make them understand so the consequences of my rage became more and more severe, they were destroying me.

Brothers display comic book series about autism at Indian Valley YMCA

My Life Today

Today I struggled not to forget why I'm here, I channeled my rage into drawing comic book superheros, together we battle depression, my arch-enemy. I hid the drawings because I was afraid they would be misunderstood, lucky for me they were found, oddly by someone I considered an enemy, but now my father and I are best friends. I also have a brother, he's something like me, dad and I helped him find his ability too. The Eighth Day is the story of the characters I created, brought to life by Kantai Smith, my Autisarian brother. My characters help me manage the effects of autism, I still get depressed, but our adventures have turned depression into a physical being, who has a weakness, we call him Cheeo. Dad says Cheeo can't hide in the dark anymore so the fight is on, I like that. Take a look at how my superhuman ability has changed my life.

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Autisarian Network

The Eighth Day


The Autisarian Network was created to change the face of autism by encouraging those who suffer from its negative effects to find and learn to use the superhuman ability that may be hidden inside. The Network tells the story of an advanced civilization known as the Autisarians, inside their hidden realm autism is a gift. They were created at the beginning of time to enforce the laws of the universe and to oversee the evolutionary process of each planet by embedding their DNA into the male offspring. Laws of the universe are broken when planets abuse natural resources, which cause black holes in space that threaten the entire universe. The only way to close a black hole is to reset the planet by killing half of its population.  

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Autisarian Gear represents the belief that superhuman powers hidden inside autism are signs of the next level of human beings. Support the Network, Gear Up.

Autisarian Gear

Survivor Evolution Book Series


  When humankind causes a balance shift the Autisarians dispatch agents of chaos to decrease Earth's population. Follow this full color action packed adventure as it explodes when the Autisarians are forced to create an autistic super soldier to battle the defiant creatures they've unleashed on Earth. 

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Survivor vs Lungar


 Survivor vs Lungar is the first book co-written by Kambel Smith, it represents his transition from a violent child crying for help to the superhero he was born to be, Copyrighted in 2010 the book introduces the very first Autistic Superhero.

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